December 29, 2009

Buh-bye decade

So it has come to the end of the year and more importantly the end of a decade. Wow. In 2008 I was much more prolific with my blog writing. Of course, in 2008 boys had not quite come to terms with the fact that they are the new girls. Maybe 2009 was the year of acceptance for boys=girls. Maybe the last ten years lead up to the 2009 climax of boys becoming girls? I'd like to think my blog created a real-world discussion about the subject, but anyway...
I've been reading lots of top 10 lists for the year. None have been particularly memorable to me. I was considering putting one together of my own, but I can only think of random things to put on my list. In fact, here is my list of 10 random things from the past year:
1. "Where the Wild Things Are" was turned into a movie that I didn't see.
2. Everyone was talking about Balloon Boy for like a week.
3. Some idiot tried to blow up a plane but only succeeded in making flying more of a pain in the ass for everyone else.
4. Lady Gaga was EVERYWHERE.
5. Tiger Woods was outed as an adulterous man-whore.
6. I bought a house.
7. Some guy came up with a horrific way to combine pie and cake and called it a Cherpumple.
8. Lots and lots of places went out of business including the Pita Pit across from my office. I loved that place!
9. Obama gave people money for buying cars and houses, which was awesome! I think it will come back to bite us though...
10. People pretty much stopped using the term "bromance".
There you have it. My completely random (and useless) list for the past year. I hope your year was better and more memorable than my list. As for the next 10 years, I'm hoping for more money, more peace, more fun and more men (as opposed to boys=girls)! Happy New Year Everyone!

December 12, 2009

Boys and Hello Kitty

I found an article the other day that discussed the existance of a Hello Kitty airplane (which is awesome) and sent the article to a girlfriend of mine. She, in turn, sent it to her boyfriend who was “creeped out” by it. His comment got me thinking: does it matter what a boy thinks about Hello Kitty since she is so obviously a girl thing? I bet you can guess what the answer to that question is: HELL YES it matters!
I like Hello Kitty. I'm not a fanatic or anything, but I do own a Hello Kitty t-shirt and a sundry of knickknacks that were gifts from loved ones. So being as I’m not a Hello Kitty nut, and I can appreciate the hilarity that is the Hello Kitty Hell blog, why would I care what a boy thinks of said Kitty? The answer is simple: a boy’s feelings about Hello Kitty reflect on his overall view of the world. Allow me to illustrate in broad generalizations (as I am known to do):
1. If you are a boy who likes Hello Kitty: awesome! This means you appreciate frivolity, and girls, and things that exist for the sake of happiness and entertainment.
2. If you are a boy who has no feelings about her: This means you are not interested in girly things because you are too busy watching football and/or scratching your boy parts. I’m fine with this stance on the Kitty. I have complained ad nauseum about boys acting like girls. Not caring about Hello Kitty means you are at least being a boy about it.
3. If you are a boy who does not like/are creeped out by Hello Kitty: This can mean several things:
a. You do not think there should be joy in the world.
b. You have noticed that Hello Kitty makes girls happy and since you have not made any girls happy, you are slightly jealous of her.
c. You hate all things cute. You probably also hate girls, puppies, chocolate, presents, everything listed in the song “My Favorite Things” sung by Julie Andrews.
What's not to like about a Japanese cat whose whole purpose in life is to look cute? Nothing, that’s what. I am suspicious of any boy who spends any time actively disliking or being scared of a super cute girly icon. Being scared of the Kitty may ultimately mean you’re scared of girls. I have no sympathy for boys who are scared of girls. Grow a pair, seriously.

November 22, 2009

Lady Gaga stealing my dance moves

Celebrity gossip is not usually my thing, but making fun of people totally is so here goes... I was reading a fashion blog that commented on Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. There was a link to the video on the post, so I watched. There is a lot of crazy in that video but what I was horribly distracted by was the choreography. It looks like they filmed me dancing drunk in my zombie costume on Halloween. This may be the only time I wish I had a video of me dancing because honestly I could sue. Making claw fingers and doing the twist?!?! Those are MY moves. They are not good, but they are MINE. If I had known she was that hard up for choreographers I totally would have signed up for the gig. I have all kinds of bad dances I could hock including the sprinkler, the shopping cart, dice shaking, the angry/sexy chicken (if she does that one I'll start searching my house for cameras) the list goes on and on. Did no one on this video shoot have the nerve to tell Miss Gaga that her dancing sucked? She must have hired professional dancers for this. Did none of the dancers comment on the drunken spastic moves they were being asked to perform? I understand if you can't bring yourself to watch the whole thing, but here is the link. Start watching at 1:21 and you will get the gist by 1:50; there is another brilliant and very accurate example of my drunken zombie dancing at 3:10.

On a separate note, she wears the awesomely insane space hooves that Alexander McQueen presented at NY's Fashion Week at 3:30. I love and want them.

November 07, 2009

Boys are insane

I have come to the conclusion that boys are crazy. All of them, but especially the single ones.

Case in point: A friend of mine went on a dinner date with this guy. They had a lovely meal and got into a taxi to meet up with friends. On the way to the bar (note this is not on the way home from the bar) the guy whips out his wang. There had been no making out, no cuddling, no "excuse me ma'am would you like view my junk?" just cock in a cab. You may be thinking it was drunk penis. Unfortunately he cannot use alcohol as a crutch on this one as they had a bottle of wine between the 2 of them at dinner. I don't think 2 glasses of wine=cock in a cab; crazy does, though.

I was going to write a second example, but the first one really says it all. What sane man pulls out his weiner randomly on a date? Granted, this is just ONE man. And yes, by all means of general consideration he is a man. He is in his 40's, has a career, is not a drug addict. Maybe you would expect that kind of member showing behavior from a 15 year old. But a grown man? The whole thing is disturbing. My point is that it is possible I may have picked a genuinely crazy boy to exemplify this broad generalization, but it is my blog and I generalize if I want to.

September 23, 2009

White boys with fros

There are many a fashion blunder to be made as a man. I have discussed several in previous blog entries. The white fro has not been discussed until now because it is not girly (no self-respecting white girl would have hair dry enough to make into a fro). I witnessed a fro of great magnitude while lunching on Sunday (I also witnessed a girl in expensive high-heeled boots and cropped jeans, but I'll save that for a separate post). I was shocked and horrified for many reasons including: it is not 1973, he was not Art Garfunkel, he had a kid (in hopes that the fro would live on?), there are barber shops in this city, and last but not least he had a girlfriend.

What girl thinks that is attractive? What kind of girl lets her man walk out of the house looking like he has never met a bottle of conditioner? What kind of girl likes a man who spends hours teasing his hair? I don't know any girls who would tolerate this behavior. At the first sign of puffiness there would be hints about the barber shop. The instant there was a pick involved, there would be a serious talk about what a man should and should not do in order to keep getting laid. This girl, the one who accepts and possibly enjoys the white fro, I don't know what to say about her except that she must secretly hate her man or herself.

September 20, 2009


I'm at the age where people all around me are getting married and having babies. I understand the getting married thing- fear of getting old alone and whatnot, but BABIES? Honestly, I can't understand why people put up with those things. They are all wrinkly and ugly, they keep you up all night, suck up all your cash, puke/poop on you and generally make your life hell. In some cases they make life hell for the next 80 years. Why would you want one??

It is amazing to me that there is not a horror movie based on babies. Picture this: a woman has something growing inside of her. It screws up her internal organs, makes her fat, and generally makes her body uncomfortable to live inside of for months. When she rids her body of the parasite, said parasite forces her to feed it, wipe its ass, keeps her up all night and prevents her from having a normal life for the rest of her life. Is that not the plot of a terrifying movie?? That movie would scare the shit out of me. I was discussing this with a friend today. She reminded me of Rosemary's Baby, in which the baby is the devil. Maybe the scary part of that movie was not that the devil was present on earth, but that babies are present on earth. Scary.

September 13, 2009

Boys are no longer fun to write about

So I had pretty much forgotten about my blog until a friend mentioned it last night. You may be wondering how I could forget about something so important and culturally relevant. I will tell you how: boys are girls. They are not even fun to comment on or make fun of anymore. It is common knowledge that boys are girls and everyone seems to be comfortable with that.

This fact begs the question: what is the point of this blog? The short answer is that there is no longer a point to this blog. The long answer is that while boys=girls is no longer speculation but pure fact, I am left to ponder other subjects in the same catty, biased way as I did boys. Those of you who know me well know that I have no shortage of opinions. The plan going forward is to use my my blog as a written bitchfest for all things great and small. Stay tuned.